MCF Image Contest

ZrTe5 w/ missing Te dimer at center

The MCF hosts a running image contest that resets bimonthly. The current image contests will run through November 30, 2023.  In addition to displaying some of the imaging and analysis capabilities of our labs, it gives our users a chance to display their creative side. Check back here the first week of each month for updates onsubmission and twice a year – around mid-January and mid-June – to see the semiannual grand prize winners.

To submit an image, you can do so here.

If you are an MCF user, then check out the contest rules here and please consider submitting.

Fall 2021 Image Contest is now live!

After a hiatus, the quarterly MCF Image Contest is back and  the Fall 2021 submissions can be submitted here! Three quarterly winners of the contest will each receive 5 free hours on the characterization tool of their choosing and be entered into a semi-annual Grand Prize selection for cash prizes of $60 for First Prize and $30 for each of the two Second Prize winners.

Previous entries can be seen here!

If you are uncertain as to the rules of the submission process, those can be reviewed here.

December Image Contest is now live!

The December Image Contest is live and you can submit your images here!

We will be announcing our last months winners as well as our best images of the year next week!

Previous entries can be seen here!

If you are uncertain as to the rules of the submission process, those can be reviewed here.


September MCF Image Contest is live!

Every month the MCF hosts an image contest showing off the capabilities of our tools!

You can submit an image to be considered here!

You can also see our previous winners here!

Congratulations to Yung Suk “Jeremy” Yoo for his image “Jellyfish” captured on the FEI Tecnai F30 and to Alexander Terwindt for his image of a Fly Eye captured on the Hitachi 8010!

May-June 2019 Image Contest Winners!

Congratulations to our image contest winners for May-June 2019!

Morris Satin – Metallic Ripples

Jianshan Liao – Silicon Debris

Katie Young – Mo2C Flake on Copper

Zhiheng Lyu – “Sketches” – Copper Oxide Nanoparticles

You can see detailed images here as well as our previous winners!

MCF May Image Contest!

The MCF May Image Contest is now live and you can submit your images here!

For information on the rules for submission, those can be seen here!

Also congratulations to the winners in April!
Sunflower – Lyu Zhiheng, Chen Ruhui (Xia – Chemistry)
Polymer Fingers – Liu Su, Tong Xin (Crittenden – Civil & Envir.)
Ultrathin GO membrane – Xin Tong, Liu Su (Crittenden – Civil & Envir.)
KHold Interface – Morris Satin (Rick Neu – ME)

MCF April Image Contest

The month of April is coming to a close, but it isn’t too late to submit an image to our image contest!

You can submit your image here!

If you would like to see all of our previous winners, you can see them here!

And congratulations to our winners in March 2019, Sang Yun Han, Erkul Karacauglu and Katherine Young!



Enter the EnvisioNano Image Contest! Deadline Dec 31, 2018!

EnvisioNano is a contest for undergraduate and graduate students conducting nanotechnology research in the United States and U.S. territories. Students should submit striking nanoscale images that demonstrate how beautiful the nanoscale can be alongside thoughtful, concise descriptions of the research behind the picture and how it may lead to nanotechnologies that benefit society. The goal is to envision where your research is headed and explain how “seeing” at the nanoscale is important to reaching that vision.  See the most recent winning image here!

For details and submission guidelines, please go here: