Thermo Axia ChemiSEM

Thermo Axia ChemiSEM

The Axia ChemiSEM scanning electron microscope has a thermionic tungsten filament source and automated alignment, automated sample navigation, variable pressure feature, a backscatter detector, and live quantitative elemental mapping. The ChemiSEM always collects energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) data in the background, displaying the morphology and elemental makeup of a sample in real time, speeding up workflow.  Elements found in the sample may be toggled on or off, to emphasize or isolate elements and regions of the sample.

It comes with a control panel, for manual control and alignment touch-up; the SmartAlign technology minimizes the beam alignment steps.

  • Infrared chamber camera
  • Nav-Cam: color optical camera for sample navigation
  • TrueSight energy dispersive spectrometer

If you would like training on the Axia ChemiSEM and have a GT Login; click HERE and click on the Training Requirements button.

Geological Field Samples Courtesy of Dr. Karl A. Lang, Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

Morphology of Pliocene Paleolake Tufa taken from Colorado River

Backscatter Electron Images & Real-time Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy:

Variable Pressure Capabilities with Low Vacuum (up to 1.13 torr) for Charging & Sensitive Samples:

Polished zircon sample, imaged at high vacuum and 15 kVPolished zircon particles, showing surface detail at 15 kV and 0.75 Torr
Polished Zircons: High Vacuum on Left, Low Vacuum on Right
System Details


  • 3.0 nm @ 30 kV (SE) 
  • 3.0 nm @ 30 kV (SE) (low vacuum) 
  • 8.0 nm @ 3 kV (SE) 
  • 7.0 nm @ 3 kV (BD mode* + BSE) 
  • Stage: 120 x 120 mm; however flexible, accommodating samples up to 10 kg with x-y movement 
  • Stage Tilt: -15 to +90 degrees 
  • Rotation: n x 360 degrees

Operating Instructions