Hitachi HD-2700 aberration corrected STEM

Atomic-Resolution Imaging and Analysis

Hitachi HD-2700 STEM

The HD-2700 is an aberration-corrected 80-200 kV field emission gun scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) with secondary electron (SE) imaging capability. Bulk and surface structures of specimen can be imaged simultaneously. Ultra-high resolution can be achieved for both STEM and SE imaging. The Hitachi corrector minimizes the user’s effort in doing aberration correction. Large solid angle EDS spectrum imaging are enabled.

  • True atomic-resolution SEM imaging through correction of spherical aberration.
  • Ultra low mag (100X) SEM imaging convenient for sample navigation
  • Atomic resolution Bright-field, Dark-field, and SEM simultaneous imaging
  • Diffraction contrast-enchanced imaging mode for defect observation.
  • Bruker SDD EDS detector with 60 sq. mm area for a ~0.3 steradian solid angle
  • In-situ heating holder heating up to ~1200 deg. C
  • Selected-diffraction DF-STEM(analogue to dark field TEM)
  • ______________________ Pyramidal void in ZnO nanorods due to Sb doping _________________ _

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Key parameters
  • Image resolution 0.136 nm HAADF-STEM / 0.105 nm FFT 8 million X
  • Magnification 100X – 10,000,000X
  • Acceleration Voltage 80, 120, and 200KV

Useful Files:

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