• Panalytical Empyrean
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Available to academic, industry, and government users, the MCF at Georgia Tech is a merger of several labs on campus under one umbrella with a uniform set of fees and policies.  The MCF offers a wide variety of microscopy and characterization tools  as well as skilled research staff to support your research needs.

The MCF offers shared-user access to the latest in imaging and analysis technology, which can be accessed by users 24 hours a day.  It also provides a full complement of services for researchers including,

  • Basic and advanced instrument training
  • Imaging and analysis consultations
  • Remote sample prep, measurement, and data analysis
  • Paper and proposal collaboration

Access to the MCF is managed through the campus-wide Shared User Management System (SUMS). SUMS is a custom-designed, web & mobile-accessible software platform combining equipment control, usage tracking, automated billing, and reporting templates.  For more information or to become a user, click here.