Mechanical Property Testing

The MPCF has expertise to conduct various mechanical test experiments on structural materials in different environments and at temperatures from sub-zero to 1650°C.  For use of core shared-user equipment, please contact MPCF Research Engineer for advice (if needed) and submit a Test Proposal. For specialized mechanical property testing (e.g., much lower or higher loading capacity, much higher strain rates) and material characterization facilities, please see our Partner Facilities.

Core Shared-User Equipment
Instructional Center
Instron 5982 Universal Materials Testing System
Pendulum (Charpy) Impact Tester
Student-friendly 750 lb (3.3 kN) Tabletop Testers
  • configurations for tension, compression, and bending tests

A live video monitor is available for detailed audience observations.

Major Accessories and Expertise
  • Gripping / Adapters
    • for tension, compression, bending, fracture, etc.
  • Displacement Measurement
    • axial extensometers (room and high temperature)
    • diametral extensometers
    • axial-torsion extensometers
    • digital image correction (DIC) for full field strain measurement using long-focal length optical microscopes
    • digital image correction (DIC) for full field strain measurement using 50 mm focal length f/1.8 lens
  • Environmental Chamber, Ovens, and Furnaces; Induction Heaters
    • temperatures from -129°C to 1650°C depending on unit
    • temperature measurement via thermocouples or pyrometer
  • In-situ X-ray Monitoring
  • Long-focal Length Optical Microscopes for In-situ Observation
  • Imaging and Microstructure Characterization
    • sample prep facility (sectioning, mounting and polishing)
    • fume hood for etching
    • optical microscopes with image analysis software
    • AFFRI MKII Portable Hardness Tester
    • hand clamp and ​microtester benchtop stand
  • Thermal Aging Ovens