Rigaku Miniflex


Located in the Marcus Nanotechnology Building, the newest member of the X-Ray analysis tools in the MCF is the Rigaku Miniflex which can determine: crystalline phase identification (phase ID) and quantification, percent (%) crystallinity, crystallite size and strain, lattice parameter refinement, Rietveld refinement, and molecular structure.


The miniflex by default will be configured with an automatic 8-position sample changer which is compact and rugged. It features integrated spinning which improves particle statistics in polycrystalline sample measurements and is programmable. Note: this can be changed upon request for a bulk stage for samples that will not fit. Numerous powder holders, including ones with integrated zero background holders, as well as air sensitive sample holders have been acquired to aid with measurements.

Smartlab Studio II

One advantage of the Smartlab Studio II software is that software collection and data analysis are all done with the same software package. This software package provides an interface for Rietveld analysis, which enables users of all experience levels to load crystal structure parameters from a database, set analysis conditions, display graphical images of crystal structures and quantify results without difficulty.

Furthermore, up to 30 people can perform data analysis away from the lab by authenticating their licenses. More details on how to do this will be announced in the coming month.


Standard Operating Procedure for Data Collection