The tools and staff members in the MCF can analyze samples in multiple different ways from the macro level to the atomic level.  Here is a sampling of what we can help you to discover.

Size Shape  Elemental Composition Chemical Composition Structure
Created by Digital Micrograph, Gatan Inc.  Jamey Gigliotti_ZnO NW Sphere-J_Gigliotti 10-22-15 Composite  OLED DepProf by Ar GCIS Created by Digital Micrograph, Gatan Inc.

Techniques Available

Scanning Probe-based Techniques
__ Electron/Ion-based Techniques
Photon-(including x-ray)-based Techniques
Molecular Property (e.g., size, mass, thermal) Measurement  Techniques
Mechanical Property Measurements

AFM Atomic Force Microscopy
_FM Analytical AFM modes (e.g., cAFM, EFM, KPFM, PFM, MFM, etc.)
PL PhotoLuminescence
CL CathodoLuminescence (coming soon) Raman Raman spectroscopy

CSM a.k.a


Continuous Stiffness Measurement a.k.a Dynamic Mechanical Analysis
REELS Reflected Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
DSC Differential Scanning Calorimetry SAXS Small Angle X-ray Scattering
EBSD Electron BackScatter Diffraction SEM Scanning Electron Microscopy
EDS Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy STM/S Scanning Tunneling Microscopy/ Spectroscopy
FIB Focused Ion Beam micro-machining (S)TEM (Scanning) Transmission Electron Microscopy
FTIR Fourier Transform InfraRed spectroscopy ToF-SIMS Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy
GC- & LC- MS Gas Chromatography & Liquid Chromatography- Mass Spectroscopy TGA Thermo-Gravimetric Analysis
GPC Gel Permeation Chromatography UPS Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopy
ICP-MS Inductively Coupled PlasmaMass Spectroscopy UV.Vis/NIR UltraViolet-Visible / Near InfraRed.Spectrophotometry
Instron & MTS frames Electromechanical & Servohydraulic test frames for mechanical (e.g., tensile, torsional, creep, fatigue, fracture, etc.) testing XAS X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy (e.g., XAFS, NEXAFS)
ISS Ion Scattering Spectroscopy (coming soon) XES X-Ray Emission Spectroscopy
LIBS / OES Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy / Optical Emission Spectroscopy XPS XRay Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Nanoindentation Nanoscale mechanical property measurement (e.g., hardness & modulus) XRD XRay Diffraction
XRF XRay Fluorescence