Lunch and Learn about new Optical Spectroscopy Instrument

Wednesday June 28th from 1:00 to 2:00 the MCF will co-host a talk by Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp. on their mIRage microscope which uses Optical PhotoThermal IR (O-PTIR) spectroscopy to generate co-located Raman and FTIR maps with sub-micron lateral resolution.

Register using the QR code to reserve a lunch and come by to learn about this new technology.

As part of it’s ongoing expansion of materials analysis capabilities, the IEN / IMat Materials Charcterization Facility is finalizing plans to house a new ICP-MS instrument.

The planned vendor of this instrument, Thermo Fisher Scientific, is giving a talk on its capabilities and applications Thursday, October 28th at 1:00 in conference room 1116 in the Marcus Nanotechnology building.

Any user generally interested in this technique and/or specifically in need of mass-spectroscopy chemical analysis is encouraged to attend.

See the attached flyer for details, please forward to any interested colleagues, and let the MCF staff know if you have any questions.


Walter Henderson

Thermo ICPMS

Recent Publication using ToF_SIMS in the MCF

Science Advances: 7 (5)

Science Advances

Recently published work by GT – BME grad student Shambavi Ganesh, her PI Prof. Ahmet Coskun, and MCF staff members Eric Woods & Walter Henderson centers on the use of ToF-SIMS to analyze biological materials.


Ganesh et al., “Spatially resolved 3D metabolomic profiling in tissues” –



MCF Re-Opening! – June 18th

Dear User,

Thank you for your past support of the MCF. Research efforts at Georgia Tech are scheduled to resume in phases beginning on June 18th, and our core facilities are ready to return to operation after significant adaptations to the new norms for hygiene and social distancing.

To comply with the Georgia Tech COVID-19 task force recommendations, we have made changes to our previous operating procedures. They are briefly outlined below and detailed in the attached document.

Social distancing: Lab occupancy, ingress/egress, and tool utilization will be managed by staff, software (SUMS), and physical layout to achieve social distancing by reducing user density.
o   Until further notice, all tool usage should be by individuals – no pairs or larger groups.
o   In lab facilities, rooms are single-occupancy unless otherwise noted.
o   Unfortunately, there will be no in person training for new users until further notice.  The staff is working to create video and remote options for training.

Limited access: Until further notice – but for Phase 1 of the ramp-up at a minimum – the labs will not be open 24/7.
o   MCF open times are M-F 8:00 am – 10:00 pm and Sat/Sun 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. See attachment for detailed schedules.
o   SUMS will automatically limit access – scheduled and operational – to some tools in order to maintain proper user density.

PPE wear: There are new MCF requirements for PPE in the IEN and IMat facilities.
o   Gloves and a surgical – not cloth – mask are required in lab spaces.
o   There will be increased access to cleaning and hand hygiene supplies.

We are all making our way through this uncharted territory – together.

The staff of the MCF are taking on new cleaning and monitoring duties while also working extended hours and on weekends. At the same time, we understand that returning researchers have lost 3 months of productivity and are under great pressure to make up for lost time.
We have worked hard to create – and have long enjoyed – a positive working relationship between and among the staff and the researchers in our facility. More than ever we will be depending on this culture of mutual understanding and respect to make this re-opening go smoothly.

If you have any questions, concerns, or problems then please reach out to a staff member or the facility manager.

The IEN and IMat Leadership

MCF New Procedures-Draft3 – final

MCF 1-month checkup

InstituteForMaterials-solid-2lines-539+874 Materials-Characterization-Facility-solid navy trans 1 IEN solid navy and gold 2 line

Hello All,

Our first month as an official entity ended last Friday.

A quick look at the numbers for the shared-user facility shows:

  • 20 tools used
  • 220+ unique users
  • 1000+ tool logins
  • ~1600 hours of combined tool use over the 744 hours in the month, which means that an average of 2 tools were in use every hour of every day in March.

Thanks to all for a good beginning.

The MCF Staff

Atlanta Science Festival 2016 – Thanks

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped us put on our Atlanta Science Festival Event –
“Whats All the Buzz About Nanotechnology” – on March 19th.
A special thanks to Rathi Monikandan and Chris Yang for running the Hitachi tabletop and 8230 SEM’s. Roughly 100 kids and kids-at-heart learned a little about nanotechnology and had fun in the process.


ATL Sci Fest IEN 2016_6 ATL Sci Fest IEN 2016_measure2 ATL Sci Fest IEN 2016_SEM9 ATL Sci Fest IEN 2016_SEM10png

Follow this link to view more pictures of the event.
ATL Sci Fest Pix

Atlanta Science Festival 2016

Hello All,
As part of the Atlanta Science Festival, the IEN is hosting an event this Saturday from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm. 
It’s called “What’s all the Buzz about nanotechnology”
How do scientists and engineers interact with a world too small for the eyes to see? Learn how at Georgia Tech’s Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology!
The Marcus Microanalysis Suite of the MCF will figure prominently.  If you have, know, or fit the description of a science-interested kid-at-heart, feel free to come by and learn about the fun side of nanotechnology.