Webinar: Characterizing ceramic compounds using state-of-the-art X-ray diffraction (XRD)

Characterizing ceramic compounds using state-of-the-art X-ray diffraction (XRD)

This webinar will be shown on September 7th at 10:00AM in the Lobby of the Microscopy Suite in Marcus. You can register and get more information here.

Webinar abstract

Due to their wide range of composition/structures as well as the versatility of their applications ceramics are a widely studied subject within the materials sciences. Their characterization in order to determine physical and chemical properties is paramount to predict how a ceramic compound will behave in high-temperature environments. Various analytical techniques are used for the characterization of ceramics with XRD being one of them. This technique is, however, not yet exploited to its full potential. Currently it is mostly used for simple phase analysis during and after the production process and in some cases for in situ high-temperature studies.

However, modern multipurpose diffraction platforms allow more analytical approaches. They can be combined to fully characterize a ceramic compound in terms of phase composition, crystallinity (amorphous/glass content), crystallite size, 2D phase distribution, depth profiling, residual stress, texture, thermal behavior (in situ), as well as 3D microstructure.

During this webinar various case studies where XRD is used for the characterization of ceramics will be discussed, showing various analytical examples. You will learn how XRD can be applied to the different materials and analytical challenges. Case studies of the following applications will be given:
– Phase analysis using Rietveld full-pattern fitting
– Grazing incidence XRD
– Non-ambient diffraction
– Residual stress and texture
– Microdiffraction
– Computed tomography