Veeco Dimension 3100 AFM

3D Nanoscale Imaging and Analysis

Veeco Dimension 3100 AFM

The Veeco AFM contacts the surfaces of samples using small probes  ~10 nanometers across.  Precise tracking of the probe’s position allows the system to measure sub-nanometer displacements of the probe tip.

By using special probes and/or optional sensors, it is possible to measure electrical, mechanical, magnetic or chemical properties of a sample at the same time and spatial resolution as the length data.


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3-D view of functionalized Single-walled Carbon Nanotube c-AFM image showing height (left) and conductivity (right) of Al-filled anodic alumina wafer Phase Image of polymer texture after self-assembly from solution



AFM is one of the most straightforward but information-rich analysis techniques available.  Practically any type of material can be analyzed in air, in liquid, or – using a built-in gas purge – in a controlled ambient .  Built-in and plug-in sensors allow for multiple additional measurement modes.
System Details:

The AFM system has a variety of probe holders to do advanced SPM modes:


  • Can accommodate and scan a full 4″ diameter wafer or multiple smaller samples
  • Can accommodate samples up to ~1cm thick
  • Positioning accuracy to ~2 μm, positioning repeatability to ~5 μm
  • Integrated optical camera with zoom

Probe Holders:

  • Standard:  Supports contact mode, tapping mode, phase imaging, EFM, PFM
  • Nonmagnetic:  Supports MFM in addition to above modes; Cu-alloy clip
  • Fluid:  Supports contact mode, tapping mode, phase imaging in aqueous media and other fluids
  • Harmonics:  Supports Harmonics mechanical property measurements mode, tapping and contact modes
  • c-AFM:  Supports contact mode, c-AFM
  • Torsion:  Supports torsional measurement mode


AFM new software instructions

Tip convolution